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Residential & Commercial
Real Estate Closings
Builder/Developer Representation    
Construction Litigation
Business Entity Formation & Representation
Wills & Trusts

Real Estate Fees

Residential Closing 

Attorney Fee 
Title Examination
Title examination fee may vary
depending on the county where the subject property is located

Title Binder
Courier Fee
Post Closing Fee
Closing Protection Letter
Required by title insurance company
Power of Attorney
Mail Away Closing


No Charge
No Charge


Probate Transactions

Will Preparation 
Simple Will
Married Couple 2 Wills
Will With Trust
Married Couple 2 Wills With Trust
Durable Power of Attorney
Living Will
Probate of a Will
Administration of an Estate


Probate fees vary by specific situation. Please call for an appointment.
Other Services
For other services including Commercial Real Estate, Builder/Developer Representation, Litigation, Foreclosure and more please call for an appointment.

Eviction Fees
All eviction fees quoted are for the eviction filing only, court costs vary by county and according to your situation. The fees do include the mailing of all appropriate notices to the tenant and the filing of the appropriate eviction paperwork with the county. The fees do not include attorney's fees should your case require a hearing. In most cases, the landlord can attend the hearing him or her self. Should the landlord wish that an attorney attend the hearing for them or with them, attorney's fees are charged at an hourly rate.

Eviction Process

Although the eviction process varies by county, the landlord can generally expect the following sequence of events:
  • Once the tenant has held over or become in arrears, notice is sent to the tenant demanding possession of the property.
  • The eviction paperwork is filed with the county.
  • Eviction is served on the tenant and the tenant has 7 days to answer the eviction.
  • If the eviction is answered within the 7 days, the court schedules a hearing. If a hearing is scheduled, the landlord and tenant must attend the hearing to present their respective concerns to the judge. The judge then decides when and if a right of possession shall be signed. If the eviction is not answered within the 7 days, a right of possessions is signed by the judge.
  • Once the right of possession is signed, the landlord may schedule an appointment with the sheriff to have the tenant evicted. at the scheduled appointment, the landlord is generally required to have or employ 4 to 7 individuals who will physically move the tenant's belongs from the property.
  • If you have specific questions about your situation, please contact us.
We require an express written fee agreement with you before we can represent you.